Oil Extraction Machine

Why oil extraction machine ?

In recent years, the use of natural oils has increased as a result of the emergence of some diseases due to the diet and different daily dietary patterns. Many experiments have proven that the seeds and oils extracted from them have an effective effect in treating and preventing these diseases. Among these oils are black seed oil and linseed oil. sesame oil, etc., and thanks to our MO300 cold press oil machine, our customers can extract the oil from the seeds and provide 100% natural and healthy herbal products to their customers.

What is an oil extraction machine ?

The MO 300 cold oil press machine is a small-sized machine, produced with the highest quality standards and with advanced technology to extract oil from oilseeds, with scales suitable for all food stores, small and large, and directly in front of consumers.

Oil Extraction Machine​ MO 300

Product Capacity

Product : Black bean – corn – oilseed rape . Product Capacity : 15-20 kg/h .

1 year warranty

innovative design

Working at a voltage of 220 v

Do not disturb the voice of the machine