Nuts Roasting Machine

Why Hazelnut Roasting Oven?

It is known that most of the nut varieties affect the ambient temperatures and environments quickly, and also, because they are stored for a long time, their properties change rapidly and their tastes change and lose their taste and quality. 10-20 kg production. Hot and fresh hazelnuts, thus meeting your customer's needs and offering a high quality, different taste and flavor product.

What is Peanut Roasting Oven?

Nut Roasting Oven S200 is designed to enable food store owners to serve their customers by selling hot and fresh nuts with a different taste. Nuts Roasting Oven is a high quality, small size industrial machine designed for use in all small and large food stores. It is an electric model that does not contain fossil fuels, so it does not produce harmful fumes. This machine is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Nut Roasting Oven S200

1 year warranty

innovative design

Working at a voltage of 380 v

Do not disturb the voice of the machine