Tahini Machine M300

Why sesame tahini machine?

Because we will build a tahini factory for you using our tahini extraction machine, which occupies a very small space inside your store with an area of 35 cm and a height of 80 cm, which allows you to produce from 15-20 kg of tahini per hour.

What is sesame tahini machine?

* The M300 sesame tahini machine is designed so that food store owners can serve their customers by selling hot and fresh tahini made from pure sesame without any additives or preservatives.
The M300 sesame tahini machine is a high-quality industrial mill, all of its parts are produced from food grade 304 stainless steel and designed to grind sesame with a fineness of up to 40 microns, by recycling the grinding with the spinning system and the integrated pouring spout.
* This machine allows you to get 1 kg of tahini within 3-4 minutes, and 1 kg of tahini is produced from 1 kg of sesame. * The amount of production per hour 15-20 kg / hour may change according to the type of sesame. * The sesame tahini machine is produced completely naturally and organically.

Tahini Machine M300

Product Capacity

Product : Sesame . Product Capacity : 15-20 KG .

1 year warranty

innovative design

Working at a voltage of 220 v

Do not disturb the voice of the machine