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Welcome to Sylia, the leading manufacturer of machinery for the food industry and the world of natural products. With Sylia, our agents can offer 100% fresh and natural products with great taste.

Why Sylia ?

In recent years, some packaged food products have started appearing in the market with bad qualities, either due to the quality and of the raw materials or due to storage for long periods, which causes the properties of those products to change and lose their taste and quality. To ensure product safety and quality, we, in Sylia, have started producing a set of food machines for retail food centers which are designed for use in all small and large food stores with the highest quality standards. We achieve our goals and objectives by providing the best products and services. We also provide the raw materials and components for those machines. Hence, our agents can gain the confidence and satisfaction of their customers by providing fresh and natural products of high quality and distinctive taste and flavor.

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