Sylia Trade A history of excellence

Sylia Trading A leading company in the field of industry that started to meet the market needs of machinery and equipment for supporting and servicing agricultural crops And the beginning was in the year 1977 in Syria, and it flourished and flourished and covered large industrial sectors and was a successful partner with a large group of companies and commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. After the painful events in Syria, the elite technical and administrative team moved and re-established the company in Turkey, and the company quickly regained its luster and presence in the local and regional market. Today Celia Trade is heading to Europe to meet the market needs of industrial machines in the field of roasting nuts and coffee and extracting tahini from sesame, and the company takes into account all the necessary measures To preserve the environment through a sound and healthy agricultural system that is far from chemical fertilizers and safe automated manufacturing that does not leave residues that harm nature and the surrounding environment The company is looking forward to more quality and excellence and the development of the techniques used in line with the rapid technological development.

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